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Perpetual Care - Independent Care Provider to Children and Vunerable Adults
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See more of the latest news needs your URGENT help, Please donate generously,thanks Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah (PLEASE SPREAD THE MESSAGE TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN INSHALLAH) Would you like to be directly responsible for someone becoming Muslim? What about reaching hundreds of people? Would you like to reap rewards for every good deed they undertake? Would you like to contribute to a global dawah effort reaching non-Muslim schools, public service providers and community centres? Alhamdulillah, because of the ongoing media attention on Muslims, more and more people are curious about Islam and Muslims. WAMY has distributed 1 million leaflets over the last 20 years reaching over 2500 insitutions and contributed to more than 50,000 people learning about the Islamic faith. As the demand for high-quality dawah material continues, we are aiming reprint some of popular texts and leaflets including Discover Islam (also free to download, "A brief tour of Islam", "What Islam says about the Environment" and "Women in Islam". These leaflets will be printed into many languages including Albanian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese and Dutch and will be distributed by our volunteers across the UK and Europe to counter negative opinions about Islam and Muslims. To this end, we have set a target for fundraising campaign to raise 100,000 and make this possible inshaAllah. How can you help? Its very easy: 1) Donate to this effort - make an online payment now 2) Ask your local masajd or Islamic centre to run a mosque collection for WAMY (contact us here) 3) Spread the word - tell your friends and family about this effort and you will get reward for any subsequent actions they undertake to help this cause inshaAllah. The Prophet(SAW) advised Ali(RA) to "Proceed to them steadily till you approach near to them and then invite them to Islam and inform them of their duties towards Allah which Islam prescribes for them, for by Allah, if one man is guided on the right path (i.e. converted to Islam) through you, it would be better for you than (a great number of) red camels." {Bukhari} Dear Brothers/Sisters, just imagine if someone became Muslim through your donation, when that person will invite other people to the deen you will get the rewards of all those who became good Muslims inshallah, An opportunity of a sadakah jariyah that yields rewards even after your death plus it will benefit your passed away parents in the hereafter. So please keep up the sadakah jariyah....... May Allah(SWT) grant you the best of rewards, Ameen.
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