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This picture was sent to me to put it on the flickr, it's a picture of father whose child was blown up( by fighter planes) and killed in palestine by illegal occupeirs of their land. So this picture will tell you that wars creates miseries and destructions to this beautiful planet. A short video clip..

You can help those people who are suffering in their countries from illegal occupation by writing/calling to:
1.Write to your country leader
2.Local Member of parliament
3.Call/write to your local newpaper/tv channel
4.Call to radio shows

Please tell them that these illegal occuptions such as in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and wars in other part of the world have to end. It is causing the suffering of human beings also damaging the environment.

Thanks for your support, please pass this message to your friends, who really care about other human beings plus the environment.

The organisation which is helping the Palestine’s who are in need of help called

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